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biru-background-putihThe so-called reform era has reached more than a decade. However, the winds of democracy that should be able to solve various problems of nationality, instead it entered a critical and turning point that confusing the public. Apparently, the process of democratization of the nation is only meant as freedom of political repression, have not reached on how to appreciate and accept differences.

The increasing conservatism in society raises concerns that it could threaten diversity pillars, especially in religion and belief. Radical groups that grew after the fall of the Suharto regime began sidelining other groups who have different opinions.

The phenomena of intolerance, discrimination and religion-based violence continued to increase since 2005. Efforts of closures and destructions of house of worships, labeling of a community as heretical, as well as casualties of lives and property become the daily menu of media.

Press as one of the main supporting pillar of democracy has a strategic role in order to take in building Indonesia into a democratic society and tolerant of differences by creating a journalistic work that supports the creation of peace, not vice versa.

Some mass media are caught in the line of thought of religious conservatism. Without further questioning, the media participated in raising conservative groups.

Media becomes the mirror of conservatism in society. Journalists quoted what the the hard liners said, without giving a precise interpretation, which in turn attack and the more marginalized groups of minority religions and beliefs.

On May 17-18, 2008 in Cisarua Bogor, as many as 30 journalists from various mass media together, discuss how the role of mass media, addressing journalists in conflict due to rampant problems of religious freedom and belief. They agreed on how to continue to promote peace journalism.

SeJuK is a joint sharing place that is created after the meeting in order to continue to support the formation of society — with media support– that respect, protect and defend the diversity as a part of human rights.